Saturday, December 19, 2009

A few old lines for a hard year in Richmond


when you find yourself against it

with the winter and hard windows on your shoulders

say your name right

be it bold

or stand up treacherous

bind myth back to the bone

take shape again

drive cedar through the crevice of your accent

call your father’s mother’s name

and if you know it

ask the sun to find its place

in all your questions

disappearing man

so fabled

rocking urban camouflage

to fade into the abscess infinitum

so desensitized


with your hands outstretched

and yes brother

i feel you

touch deprived so tough derived

your story’s stole by viacom

remote against technology’s advance

call it division

call it border leap of faith

but you call someone in your midst

and brother


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Iron Jesus - Father, Son, and the Holy Toast - The Daily Beast

Last week, Mary Jo Coady of Methuen, Massachusetts, spotted a pattern on the bottom of her iron that she believes resembles Jesus. The 44-year-old mother was reassured about the religious imagery by her two daughters and frien

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